The adventure of a Writer

I can say that I am a good writer. I adventure and writing about new topics. I can say I’ve done pretty well considering I could write about technology, medicine and health when in fact I never studied any of these. But I found a topic, which left me speechless, or should I say wordless?

When I was asked to write about “adult topics” I thought we were only talking about Viagra, penis enlargement or vaginal cosmetic surgery. Topics, which, needless to say, I had no trouble writing about before. But here I am struggling to find out the definition of demand live sex and what an amateur exhibitionist does. What are fetish films and how is it different from Hollywood movies? Sure I know the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood but fetish movies are something new to me. Armed with my laptop and a liter of orange juice, I went to a public Internet shop to find the answer.

More commonly known as porn, the spread of fetish videos on the Internet has caused government bodies to introduce and implement laws limiting its reach. A lot of people are involved in public discussions and debates for and against pornography. But are these really doing any good? When censorship laws were implemented, did it really prevent the proliferation of fetish video on demand? I feel that these laws didn’t really help; they only created enough noise for people to be more curious. I am not saying that porn is bad; it’s just that I can’t see the reason for censorship laws or any evidence that pornography does any harm. Well, of course when you talk about children, pedophilia is a different world altogether.

But let’s talk about pornography and why people are hooked with it. Sure someone would say: people who appear in porn films are desperate for the money, are probably drug users, criminals or prostitutes. But are these assumptions true? Someone claims: “I never watched BDSM video” and then proceeds to talk down on people who did. For one, how did you know about BDSM? For another, what authority do you have to judge people who happen to like watching other people doing this most basic of all necessities?

In a study conducted by Kath Albury and Catharine Lumby from the University of Sydney entitled Understanding Pornography in Australia, it was found that people like pornography because most videos reiterate that natural beauty is still most attractive for men and women alike. Also, when interviewed, people appearing in movies say that they do it because they enjoy their work. Some do it for the money, not because they are desperate but because the work is basically high-paying and safe too.

Explore Your Inner Vixen with the Fox Tail Plug

Are you tired of monotonous sex? Is your auto play stuck on autopilot? If you are looking to incorporate something different in the bedroom – something naughty, something kinky or something wild – there are innumerable options catering to a range of BDSM fetishes. However, one of the most simple of these comes in the form of the butt plug tails.

One of the most popular ways to experiment with pet play is to start out with a butt plug tail. Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys in the world, for both men and women alike – and rightly so. They offer unbeatable pleasure with minimal effort, not to mention they can look quite good! So in the same way a pair of shoes can finish off an outfit, why not add a tail to your plug. Choices range from rabbits, cats and dogs, to raccoons, horses and foxes.

The fox tail plug is particularly popular for a variety of reasons. Indeed, the term vixen has carried sexual connotations for some time, and canalso be associated with the classic femme fatale – an intellectual who can manipulate a man using her sex appeal. Furthermore, she might be someone who is quiet in her daily life but has a wild streak in the bedroom. This probably explains the interest in popping in a fox plug and engaging in some light pet play.The toy can also be used to symbolise a woman´s intelligence and power, or indeed her cunning and her vulnerabilities (i.e., to being hunted).

You can wear them whenever you want – you can wear them to do the chores, you can wear them to do the shopping, or you can save them for the bedroom – alone or in the company of others. The fox tail in particular is iconic, and with the wide range of colours, textures and sizes available you really can´t go wrong. Made with silicon or stainless steel, the sensations you can experience are endless. However, you still need to follow butt plugging protocol to ensure a safe and fun experience (i.e., make sure you have the right lube, don´t share or double dip etc.).

One of the best sellers in fox tail plugs comes in the form of the Utimi Steel White Fox Tail, check out special deals from For those seeking an added sensory experience, the long and soft fur of this tail brushing against the back of your legs will surely satisfy that need. Furthermore, it´s a great plug for novice users, since it is compact and even discreet. If you happen to leave it on your drawers, it´s unlikely to receive a second glance. Leave your rampant rabbit out, however, and that´s another story.

Animal butt plugs are a great accessory for any BDSM bedroom, and indeed the range allows you to play around with styles and roles that suit you most. You might find that you stumble across the animal for you, but if you are feeling particularly frisky about foxes, you can´t go wrong with this kind of bush.

How to Market Adventure Tours

You may have formed a travel and tours company and you want people to see how your tours are different from all the other tours that are being offered by different companies. There is a lot of competition and you need to prove that you offer some of the best tours in the area.

Effective marketing may seem easy in the beginning but once you realize how many people you have to compete with, you will be a bit surprised with how hard it is to get people to try out the tours that you offer.

You may be excited to show to people that you are ready to give them the adventure that they crave but before you do that, you need to have all the right tools that will make you an effective guide. Do you have the right backpack with you that will have all of the essentials that you and the other guests might need? Take a look at this backpack buying guide so that you will learn more facts and information. The more that you learn, the better.

How to Market Adventure Tours
How to Market Adventure Tours

In order to market your travel tours, you need to learn basic details about marketing. You cannot learn these things based on what people will tell you or what you will learn from mentors and professors. Some of the details you will learn will be based on the experiences you have had in the real world. For example, you have experienced a tour before that was unsatisfactory. You would like to offer something similar to that tour but in a more satisfying manner. You want to give something that people will remember for the days to come.

These are some things you need to remember:

  • Decide on who your target market is going to be. Would you like to offer adventure tours that will be appreciated by those who would like a leisure trip? Perhaps you also want to offer another tour that will be considered more affordable by a lot of people. Having different tours will give people options and they will like that a lot.
  • Show that the options you offer are more convenient for them. They would not want to get tours anymore if they know that they can get the same options on their own.
  • You need to make sure that you have a lot of positive reviews on your website. No matter how nice the tours seem to be, people would not take a chance on you and what you offer if they see mostly negative reviews. You can monitor the reviews that you get and learn from what other people say. You need to listen to your costumers so you can provide what they are looking for.
  • Show images and videos of what people can expect to get when they choose the tours that you offer. You need to exert a bit of effort on this. The better the videos and the images are, the more people who will be enticed to see what you can provide.

With all of these marketing tips, your adventure tours may be appreciated more by your target market.

Importance of Legal Representation in Marketing

Marketing requires a lot of effort and investment. Even the small blunders in your marketing techniques can decrease your clientage by a great number. Once you start a business, commence its marketing/promotions in order to make folks aware of whatever you are doing.

Just like the coin has two sides, marketing of your firm can have both positive effects and negative effects. You might have to face backlash for the concept you are promoting. You will have supporters and critics at the same time. Some criticisms will be constructive while others can be a great set back to your business.

Importance of Legal Representation in Marketing
Importance of Legal Representation in Marketing

While marketing your firm, you have to keep numerous things in mind including the laws and other legal matters. For this purpose, it is better for you to hire a legal representation rather than trying to handle it by yourself. Read further to find out some of the benefits of hiring a legal representation:


The laws and legal systems out there are like a field full of mines. You can trip any mine anytime without even knowing what you are doing. In order to prevent problems like these, it is better to hire a legal consultant and representation.

The consultant will keep you informed and guided at every step of your decision making and marketing. They can assist you to reach a positive conclusion smoothly. If you try to handle legal matters on your own you might get caught in a bigger mess.

Apart from this, having a proper legal representative would keep you focused and at least get the tensions and stress of legal problems of your mind.


It has been seen that various higher officials of different firms are unintentionally caught in criminal charges. Small faults like these can ruin your career and your firm’s future. In cases like this, anything you say or do can be used against you. If you already have a legal representative that is familiar with your firm’s policy and activities, it can save you from immense trouble.

Criminal defense is not an easy task. It requires an aggressive, compassionate, and honest approach, which is why you should invest in a high quality and efficient legal representation.

Where can you find a good legal representation?

The Ted Yoannou professional corporation is one of the best law firms. You can visit to hire their legal consultancy and representation. They can deal with any kind of criminal charges including the DUI. In criminal charges, each step you take can change the way your future will work out for you and your firm. The Ted Yoannou professional corporation will be there for you all along your criminal defense to save you from any kind of harsh situations.

The conviction related to driving can cause you a loss of money worth thousands of dollars as well as it can affect your freedom of obtaining insurance. The Ted Yoannou professional corporation makes sure that you get to choose from the best legal representations in the country. They make sure to imply the best possible strategy that not only overturns the charges but gives you a reputation like a clean slate as well.

The Ted Yoannou professional corporation works to please their clients. Their first consultation is free of cost so that you can test their ability and hire them to your satisfaction. After that, they decide a payment structure that is convenient for them and affordable for you. The best part about Ted Yoannou Professional Corporation is that they never lie to you. You are always given an honest opinion and assessment so that you can understand where you stand. They fight along with you in every step and ensure you get a clean reputation with the best outcome.

Dressing Tips for Marketing Sales Success

Mistakes in the clothing and personal appearance department when you work in deals can easily make prospects uneasy and diminish their trust in you, regardless of whether the impact is unobtrusive or subliminal. Take after these five ageless (yet regularly overlooked) tips to ensure your appearance sends the correct message.

Dressing Tips for Marketing Sales Success
Dressing Tips for Marketing Sales Success

  1. Dress like your client.

Individuals trust and need to connect with individuals who resemble themselves. In light of that, coordinate your clothing to that of the client. In case you’re meeting with an easygoing client in a laid-back setting, dial down your closet. In case you’ve made your way towards the corner office, choose the more formal end of the range. (What’s more, it’s implied that your garments, even in the most easygoing of circumstances, ought to never be suggestive.)

  1. Think locally.

In accordance with the principal control, keep your dress tuned in to the part of the country you’re in, as the unwritten norms of dress tend to change from place to place. An employee states: “At a certain point in my job, my business region included Southern California and Nevada; in California, my clients almost all wore matching suits, yet in Nevada, they dressed significantly more calmly. When I traveled, I packed the two types of apparel, so I could coordinate my clothing to the state I was in.”

  1. Stay neat.

Regardless of whether you’re at the easygoing or formal end of the range, remaining neat consistently is an unquestionable requirement. Always do a quick mirror check in the restroom before a gathering to ensure you look adequate. It makes a difference to prospects. An employee states: “I once had a decent client who wouldn’t give a male rep a second appointment unless his shoes were cleaned, his method of reasoning being that anybody with unpolished shoes was messy and wouldn’t be effective in business.”

  1. Beware of offensive odors.

You would figure that this would go without saying, yet it’s generally surprising by how many people ignore it, regardless of whether it’s with liquor, substantial colognes and aromas, or plain old terrible breath and body odor. Abstain from anything that could give you or your garments a sharp smell before meeting with a prospect. An employee states: “I once had a business rep approach me who stunk so seriously of garlic that I couldn’t concentrate on his introduction. That was 20 years back, regardless I recall it as though it were yesterday.” We suggest that you grab the best cologne for young men that you can find, and put it on before heading to meet with your prospect. Ensure that you apply the cologne in the right way so that it lasts throughout the day. Be careful about not making it over-powering or too strong as this could put your prospect off.

  1. Try not to smoke.

Cigars and cigarettes aren’t the business tools that they used to be, yet never smoke or on a business call- – regardless of whether your prospect is smoking. The smell stays on your clothing, and the act of smoking has a tendency to divert your attention from giving the best presentation that you can.

How to Effectively Market Your Sports and Events

Have you started your very own team? Perhaps you would like to formulate a new sporting event that can be appreciated by people from your area. You need to make it known so that people will attend and provide their support. How are you going to do it though?

The first thing that you need to do is to decide what type of sports you like to play. Do you like playing basketball? You can be more passionate about creating a team or an event when you like what it is for. Make sure that you have all of the right tools and equipment by checking this:

How to Effectively Market Your Sports and Events
How to Effectively Market Your Sports and Events

You may also want to look for sponsors that will make your team more recognizable to different people. Do not expect that your sponsors will be big-named brands especially if you have just started. The better that your team gets or the more events that you formulate, the better the sponsors are going to be. You have to start from somewhere and even if you are starting small, this is still better than not starting at all.

You can do the following to market your new team or your event soon:

  1. Promote online – A lot of people have no time to check what they can see from stores but they always have time to check news online. They may see some items that they will be interested in. The more that you sell, the better you would feel.
  2. You can have your own website – Who says that only big corporations are allowed to have websites? You can also create your very own website that will have all of the vital information about your company and the different things you offer.
  3. Encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter. This newsletter may hold all of the important events that your loyal customers should not miss. The newsletter can be sent daily or weekly. Some sites even send more than twice a day. You need to decide how often you want to send out the newsletters.
  4. Have some active social media accounts. This is one of the best ways to promote your team or event. A lot of people will start sharing your story on social media and you have to be available once they start asking questions. There are some social media sites that are used more than others. Make the right choice.
  5. Create videos that will showcase what your products can do. You would like to show the world that your items are the best. The videos will convince them that the items you are selling are useful and can be used for your day to day life.

What do you think is still the best way to market your website? This is easy: You need to pay attention to customers. What do your customers want to get? What do your customers need? The moment that you are able to answer this, you can talk it over with your co-partners in your small business to be sure.

Marketing Tips for Bicycle Renting Service

Getting an idea about a startup of business and implementing it in a way that it blooms is other. We all have ideas for a business that will bloom if the correct marketing tactics are used.

There are a few misconceptions among people that are just setting up the business is important. After that, you do not need to do anything, which is absurd as your hard work starts after you have set up your business, having knowledge of marketing techniques before setting up a business is very important. You might have seen startups that bloom the moment they enter the market; it is because of the marketing techniques they use. Some marketing techniques are quite important like putting advertisements on billboards or making advertisements about your brand, but you can also do this the inexpensive way. Read the inexpensive marketing techniques here:

Marketing Tips for Bicycle Renting Service

Quality of the equipment:

First thing is first, even if you invest a lot in marketing and your equipment is of low quality you will lose customers like a tree loses leaves in autumn. As a bicycle renting service you should have bikes of all qualities and for all kinds of customers’, i.e., road bikes, mountain bikes, bikes for women, bikes for children and family bikes. Before investing in something, you should do your homework and invest in the best quality equipment available. It is not necessary to go for something very expensive; rather you can survey the market and get good but reasonable equipment.

Some of the best mountain bikes for your bicycle rental service are:

  • Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike:

This bike by diamond bicycles has an overall rating of 90/100, which is quite good. It comes in black color with hand built aluminum frame, disc brakes and 29 inches wheel size. It comes in four different sizes from small to extra-large with the size of frame ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches.

  • Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Laurito Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike:

This bicycle diamond bicycle is designed specifically for women. It has an overall rating of 89/100, and its frame is made up of heat-treated aluminum. The brake is V-brakes, and the wheel size is 27.5 inches. It comes in silver and blue color.

  • 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike:

This mountain bike by gravity comes with disc brakes, Shimano shifting technology, and durable aluminum frame. It comes in five colors, i.e., black, gray, red, white and yellow. It also comes in four sizes, i.e., 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches.

Social media

With the advent of social media, marketing has become very easy. You can buy cheap advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. You can collaborate up with bloggers, buy advertisements on their blogs or send them gift vouchers or discounts, in this way you will be able to advertise about your brand to thousands of people in just a matter of minutes.

Sponsoring events:

Sponsoring events is a perfect way to advertise your brand. If in the start, you do not have enough budgets to sponsor large events you can sponsor collaboratively with other companies or sponsor small events at first and larger events later on.

Students studying in universities are usually interested in events that help those visit Mountains and green lands so you can host events like that too or sponsor them.

Packages and discounts:

You can introduce affordable and reasonable packages; offers like these really attract the customers. You can have a family package or a couple of packages. Small discounts like these will attract customers and make a good reputation for your brand in the market.

Share your story:

Using social media or inspiring talks like TEDx you can share your story with the world out there. This will increase your recognition in the market and people will start noticing and buying your brand.

Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location

Sometimes, it is incumbent to relocate your office as you need a bigger premises for your emerging business. Or, the existing rents are too high that you have to move. When you decide to take this step, lots of other issues arise with it such as how can you retain existing customers and how new customers can be attracted to your new location.

One more thing that can stress you out is how you would manage to mover your office stuff. Why worry about that when a team of professionals can take your stress? Yes, Augusta movers make it possible for you to have a smooth and safe relocation. They specialize in the long-haul move, and their transportation system is capable of transferring your belongings in one trip. You can take advantage of their incredible long-haul service. They are Toronto to Ottawa movers, and they make regular trips to these cities. You can schedule your move on one of the back-haul routes at very reasonable rates. They have the best rates in this area, yet provide a top class service.

Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location
Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location

They are still an option if you are moving out of the province or anywhere else in the country. You can count on them as they have the ability to stand out among the competitors. This award-winning service offers great rated wherever you are moving in the country. Contact them, and they will guide you through the whole moving process to another city or province.

Let’s talk about the business now. Have a look at the following tips to get help in your purpose i.e. attracting customers to the new place.

Communicate Pre-Move and Post-Move:

Make sure you do not lose contact with existing customers as this can be a huge setback. Take advantage of every available source of communication to make your customers aware of you move. Do it through e-mail lists, social media, your website, flyers, direct mail, blog, advertising, press releases, or any other available source. Share details of your relocation and get them acquainted with other details. Thanks to them for their patronage if the reason for relocation is an expansion of the business. Furthermore, leave some flyers with your neighbors. In case, you haven’t record of customers’ detail, consider news media to spread the word.

Update Your Online Listings:

Search results of search engines are locally-centric. For instance, if the search for Chinese restaurant into a google search, the result will automatically show local businesses in that area. You need to update your listing so that you are not dropped out the google search result list. Do it right away whether they are on Google+, Facebook, and Trip advisor. Moreover, do not forget to update the details on your website like “Contact Us” “About Us” or “Find Us” page.

Use location-based services to attract passers-by:

Mobile technology has provided a great privilege in this regard. Target the consumers in the locality of your business through mobile apps. There are various apps such as Groupon, Living Social, FourSquare, and ThinkNear that allow you to update people about your latest offers and other limited time deals.

Give Existing Customers an Incentive to Visit You at Your New Location:

Do not leave your existing customers behind. Treat them with new offers that would make them stop by your new store. Offer the deals for a limited time so they make the visit as soon as possible.

Host an event:

By hosting an event, you can give people reason to love your products. The event can be theme based, educational in nature or an appreciation event.

Marketing Tips for Your New Business

You’ve set up a new business. You’ve hired a new team, you’ve made a new business strategy, you’ve devised a business budget, you’ve hired removalists perth to move all the furniture to the new office for you, you’ve made new business cards; everything is in order. Now the next big thing you need to do is market your business so that people get to know about your products and/or services.

Speaking of removalists in Perth, Emmanuel Transport does a terrific job at moving items, whether for homes or offices, at amazing rates. They have been in the business long enough to know what they’re doing and you can rely on them for all your moving needs in the blink of an eye.

Marketing Tips for Your New Business

Here are some marketing tips as promised!

  1. Make Instructional Videos. Video content is truly profitable, and keeping in mind that it can cost tons of money to get proficient YouTube recordings created, there’s nothing amiss with giving it a shot yourself or employing a film student off Craigslist. Wistia offers an awesome video instructional exercise demonstrating to you best practices to shoot master looking film on your normal old iPhone! In the event that video sounds like excessively of a test, have a go at making slide shows and sharing them on SlideShare.
  2. Get Ad Promo Credits. While enormous advertisement campaigns might not fall in your budget, there are frequently discounts and coupons skimming around for paid Facebook promotions or Google promotions. Some web hosting services offer advertisement discount codes as a part of their regular services. Check if your hosting company does that or not.
  3. Be a Savvy Social Networker. Make business accounts and take an interest in the huge online networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Include Instagram in there as well if your business can be conveyed through pictures.
  4. DIY Infographics. Infographics are highly effective and powerful marketing tools. They’re visual sight to behold, they’re anything but difficult to process, and individuals love to share them, so they’re an incredible approach to drive up referral activity and connections. Contracting a creator to make you an A+ infographic can hit your wallet hard, yet you can make your own particular for as little as possible if it’s all the same to you; somewhat of a test. Not sure about where to begin? Look at for motivation. They have learner as well as advanced examples for you to look through.
  5. Give New Life to Old Data. On the off chance that you’re advertising budget it tight, you won’t have the capacity to dependably bear the cost of content writers to throw together substance for your blog. In case you’re in a drought, rather than coming up with something new, try to inhale new life into something that already exists on the web. There is a huge amount of information and details accessible on the web. Many of them regularly go unnoticed. Discover a study that relates with your industry and clean it up. Feature the most critical or fascinating parts of the study, include pictures, wrench out a few graphs, and make your own particular musings in light of the information.

Great Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

Obtaining your masters in medical was no simple task and running your own medical practice is a daily challenge but as a medical professional you can give yourself a pat on the back because you have achieved what few others have.  One of the biggest challenges of running your own medical practice is to get your patients – a.k.a. customers – to actually use your services.  The only real way to get people to take note of your business – yes, a medical practice is a business – is through effective marketing.  How in the world else would they know of your terrific practice and your terrific medical skills if you don’t put yourself out there?  In this article you will find a few great marketing tips that are bound to give your medical practice the boost it needs.

Great Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

Medical experts need healthcare too, right?

It is quite strange for us, non-medical professionals to consider what a doctor does when he or she get sick.  Do you see another doctor? Well, of course you do.  It’s hard to inspect yourself for problems and hard to be objective about yourself.  Doctors also need healthcare insurance because they do also get sick, injured, hospitalized and more.   Https:// is a terrific site that you can check out right now to find a terrific healthcare insurance provider for yourself and for your employees.  You can use this site to get access to quotes at all top health insurance firms and can thus find a firm that won’t leave your medical practice broke.

Great marketing tips for your medical practice

Now it is time to discuss the best marketing tips for your medical practice.  Here are the top marketing strategies that are guaranteed to improve your general visibility and popularity;

Social media account – Of course this is a number one on our list especially since most of your clients or patients are probably busy scouting Facebook right now. Create a social media account for your practice so clients can get ahold of your contact number easily and see what you are all about.

Add a blog to your website – As a medical professional you are in the perfect position to provide the public with some medical advice.  So many people don’t know when it is time to come in for a checkup and when they can wait it out. A blog can be tremendously useful to the public and is also terrific for boosting your online ratings.

Online booking section – Want to generate more traffic to your site so you can boost your ratings?   Well there is a simple solution and that is by creating an online booking section for appointments so you can attract more website visitors.

Host competitions – Competitions are always great for generating interest in your practice and medical goodies is always a great attraction especially amongst families and parents.  You can create medical aid gift packs, baby goody gift packs or even common cold medication gift packs and boost your general popularity with the community.