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Cloud Enterprise Solutions

TMS solves your Mobile marketing challenges.

We are a company focused on global solutions for technology, data, analytics, and transactions for mobile marketing & commerce. Our robust platform and flexible services enable non Tech users to create and manage local mobile offers at a global scale while collecting data to drive greater marketing ROI.

We provide an access adapted to your enterprise

  • Acquisition: Access a customized and adapted version of the TMS platform and services under a SaaS license (Software as a Service) to create and manage campaigns in any country.
  • Outsourced Services: Our team can develop your campaigns in any territory and in a week.
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More about the TMSfactory platform
Today brands have the possibilities to engage audiences at an unprecedented scale using mobile as a vehicle to connect consumers. The challenge is to figure out how to integrate mobile in an existing marketing strategy. TMS solves this with its intelligent platform, helping brands to both include mobile at the heart of their communication strategy and scale their business.

6 key services to engage consumers on mobile

A platform in the cloud
Cloud Access
The platform is accessible from everywhere via a secured login using an internet connected device
A mobile sites builder
Mobile sites builder
The platform enables people with ‘Non Tech’ background to create Mobile sites automatically optimized for all (OS) phones

Tools to go viral & local
Viral and local
Access tools and TMS shortcodes to link media to the mobile offers created
Transaction & Redemption
Transaction redemption
TMS enables local payments and provides a secure system to redeem offers in stores

Analytics, Data and Reports
Analytics, data report
Real time access to a dashboard that displays metrics and data from live campaigns
Live campaigns management
Live campaigns management
Access tools to control and change, in real time, the components of your campaigns
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