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New Challenges

Today, brands have the opportunity to "engage" with consumers at an unprecedented level by using mobile as a vehicle to connect with their target market. The challenge for both the enterprise and local business is to understand how to integrate mobile into an existing marketing strategy, plus how to benefit from a consumer's engagement while providing them relevant offers?

TMS Innovation

TMS understands that your competitive advantage does not come from managing IT infrastructure. Rather it is your ability to meet consumer's needs and new expectations. This is the exact reason why TMS provides a SaaS platform which enables you to build and manage your own mobile offers while integrating them inside your marketing plans.

Both our expertise in the mobile ecosystem plus our end to end platform helps you to place mobile at the heart of your communication strategy so that you can engage 'targeted' consumers and scale your business.

TMS Suite of Services

Creating, editing and managing mobile offers and mobile campaigns are made possible via the TMS platform. The primary focus is to provide marketers with a selection of simple 'in-house' tools which allow them to create and manage offers without having any technology background. TMS helps brands to "engage" with consumers in real time for either mobile marketing or commerce objectives.

TMS suite of services

TMS provides innovative solutions to use mobile as an extension of traditional marketing (from TV advertising to local flyers) to engage consumers with real-time updated and personalized offers while capturing analytics and data from these engagements.

Providing brands with access to the right metrics and data in real time makes all the difference. The TMS platform captures consumer personal data and analyzes what they do with your offer and from where they engaged with your brand (media contributions metrics). This information is collected, are analyzed and displayed via a simple dashboard which provides the brand with invaluable insights to help them make "data-driven" decisions.

A Flexible Model Customized to Suite Your Needs

TMS provides cloud solutions from either a tailored SaaS platform or our expert outsourced services.
Whether brands prefer to build mobile offers themselves (via our SaaS Platform) or request TMS to manage this entire process (our outsourced services) we can ensure that producing and managing mobile campaigns are both an easy and a flexible process.

The TMS SaaS platform can be accessed in the cloud and enables brands, from anywhere and via any connected device, to build and manage real time mobile offers for marketing or commerce while accessing analytics and data.

Via our outsourced services TMS enables you to delegate the production of your mobile campaigns to our in-house mobile experts and you are able to access to a cloud based personalized dashboard with analytics and data from your campaign.

For more information on the TMS SaaS enterprise platform contact us.

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