Explore Your Inner Vixen with the Fox Tail Plug

Are you tired of monotonous sex? Is your auto play stuck on autopilot? If you are looking to incorporate something different in the bedroom – something naughty, something kinky or something wild – there are innumerable options catering to a range of BDSM fetishes. However, one of the most simple of these comes in the form of the butt plug tails.

One of the most popular ways to experiment with pet play is to start out with a butt plug tail. Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys in the world, for both men and women alike – and rightly so. They offer unbeatable pleasure with minimal effort, not to mention they can look quite good! So in the same way a pair of shoes can finish off an outfit, why not add a tail to your plug. Choices range from rabbits, cats and dogs, to raccoons, horses and foxes.

The fox tail plug is particularly popular for a variety of reasons. Indeed, the term vixen has carried sexual connotations for some time, and canalso be associated with the classic femme fatale – an intellectual who can manipulate a man using her sex appeal. Furthermore, she might be someone who is quiet in her daily life but has a wild streak in the bedroom. This probably explains the interest in popping in a fox plug and engaging in some light pet play.The toy can also be used to symbolise a woman´s intelligence and power, or indeed her cunning and her vulnerabilities (i.e., to being hunted).

You can wear them whenever you want – you can wear them to do the chores, you can wear them to do the shopping, or you can save them for the bedroom – alone or in the company of others. The fox tail in particular is iconic, and with the wide range of colours, textures and sizes available you really can´t go wrong. Made with silicon or stainless steel, the sensations you can experience are endless. However, you still need to follow butt plugging protocol to ensure a safe and fun experience (i.e., make sure you have the right lube, don´t share or double dip etc.).

One of the best sellers in fox tail plugs comes in the form of the Utimi Steel White Fox Tail, check out special deals from buttplug.expert. For those seeking an added sensory experience, the long and soft fur of this tail brushing against the back of your legs will surely satisfy that need. Furthermore, it´s a great plug for novice users, since it is compact and even discreet. If you happen to leave it on your drawers, it´s unlikely to receive a second glance. Leave your rampant rabbit out, however, and that´s another story.

Animal butt plugs are a great accessory for any BDSM bedroom, and indeed the range allows you to play around with styles and roles that suit you most. You might find that you stumble across the animal for you, but if you are feeling particularly frisky about foxes, you can´t go wrong with this kind of bush.