Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location

Sometimes, it is incumbent to relocate your office as you need a bigger premises for your emerging business. Or, the existing rents are too high that you have to move. When you decide to take this step, lots of other issues arise with it such as how can you retain existing customers and how new customers can be attracted to your new location.

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Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location
Tips for Attracting Customers to Your New Location

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Let’s talk about the business now. Have a look at the following tips to get help in your purpose i.e. attracting customers to the new place.

Communicate Pre-Move and Post-Move:

Make sure you do not lose contact with existing customers as this can be a huge setback. Take advantage of every available source of communication to make your customers aware of you move. Do it through e-mail lists, social media, your website, flyers, direct mail, blog, advertising, press releases, or any other available source. Share details of your relocation and get them acquainted with other details. Thanks to them for their patronage if the reason for relocation is an expansion of the business. Furthermore, leave some flyers with your neighbors. In case, you haven’t record of customers’ detail, consider news media to spread the word.

Update Your Online Listings:

Search results of search engines are locally-centric. For instance, if the search for Chinese restaurant into a google search, the result will automatically show local businesses in that area. You need to update your listing so that you are not dropped out the google search result list. Do it right away whether they are on Google+, Facebook, and Trip advisor. Moreover, do not forget to update the details on your website like “Contact Us” “About Us” or “Find Us” page.

Use location-based services to attract passers-by:

Mobile technology has provided a great privilege in this regard. Target the consumers in the locality of your business through mobile apps. There are various apps such as Groupon, Living Social, FourSquare, and ThinkNear that allow you to update people about your latest offers and other limited time deals.

Give Existing Customers an Incentive to Visit You at Your New Location:

Do not leave your existing customers behind. Treat them with new offers that would make them stop by your new store. Offer the deals for a limited time so they make the visit as soon as possible.

Host an event:

By hosting an event, you can give people reason to love your products. The event can be theme based, educational in nature or an appreciation event.